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Data Aggregation

We aggregate attorney, firm, and law firm job data from across the internet. We enrich attorney data with the most reliable sources. We refine our firm data with information from leading legal data sources. We continuously search, extract, and publish the most up-to-date job posting information. Our goal is to create the most comprehensive and accurate legal recruiting data source.

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Data Access

The data that is continuously collected, enriched, and refined in the Data Aggregation step is accessible through haistack.ai or an Application Programming Interface (API). haistack.ai allows users to search and download attorney search results, firm information, and law firm job postings. The API allows direct connection and import of data into your own CRM.

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Machine Learning

Data is the foundation and Artificial Intelligence is the value add. We do not simply match based on common candidate criteria, we use Machine Learning to identify patterns of successful candidate placement. With each new iteration our models learn and improve to become better.

machine learning
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Our results not only identify the best possible candidates but also tell you why they are the best candidates.


About Haistack.ai

haistack.ai is an Artificial Intelligence company focused on the legal recruiting industry. Using data collected and compiled from the leading legal industry data sources, coupled with data collected over decades in the lateral recruiting market, haistack.ai identifies the best candidates for a specific position.

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