Haistack - Law Firm

To meet the demanding challenges of recruiting for AMLaw 200 law firms, haistack.ai created Haistack – Law Firm. Our Artificial Intelligence produces a list of best fit candidates for your firm, actionable insight on retaining your attorneys, and market insight tailored to your firm. Key features include:


Turnkey Solution

Haistack is designed to be a zero-lift application for a law firm. From logging in, the ability to use existing credentials (Google or Microsoft), to viewing data and results, Haistack – Law Firm is ready to use as soon as a user logs in for the first time.


Best Fit Candidates

Using a set of attributes within an attorney’s profile, our Artificial Intelligence (AI) creates an attorney profile for your firm. That profile is compared to attorneys outside your firm to find a match. Those matches are scored and provided to your recruiters.


Connection of Candidates to Your Firm

Using what we know about the candidate we find connections to attorneys in your firm. This information can be used for reaching out or to gather intelligence on the candidate.


How In-Demand are Your Attorneys

The goal of Haistack is to match jobs for attorneys outside of your firm. This gives us the unique insight to know what firms and jobs the attorneys in your firm are matching to. We provide this information, in general form, so you are aware how “in-demand” an attorney is and allows you to take appropriate steps for retention.


Market Data

Our AI results provide tailored insight about your firm and its hiring markets.